SBIR Consulting - Commercialization

A Phase III SBIR Contact is the Ultimate Achievement for a Small Company that specializes in Science & Technology and Research & Development efforts.

Over the past several years, under the banner of Mithras Enterprises - our parent Company, we have placed six Phase III Commercialization Contracts for its Client Companies - all with the US Navy. Two were with the Navy Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) and four with the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR).

What exactly is a SBIR Phase III?

Actually, it can be any of several things, but the most important requirement in getting to this point is having successfully competed for and won a Phase I and Phase II award. A Phase III can be:
  • Selling Product Development under a Phase II
  • Non-Government Funding to Develop Technology or Product
  • Licensing your Technology
  • Non-SBIR Funding from Government to Develop Technology or Product
Our favorite approach is the last one. Technology or Product developed under a Phase II award always has a Government Sponsor. So if your "successful" Phase II was of interest to a Program Manager in NAVAIR, they would probably be just as interested in assisting with a Phase III award where the demonstration and validation would take place.  This Phase III approach also has the benefit of additional "Enhancement" dollars (when available) under an extended Phase II.
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