SBIR Consulting – Research

To be successful in the SBIR/STTR Programs you must do your research.

There are several types of Research that must be accomplished during the SBIR/STTR Process. Some takes place before you start your SBIR Phase I Proposal. Even more is required if you are selected for a SBIR Phase II. And before you can put together a successful Transition Plan, you must do a lot more.

The first rule is to determine what you don’t know. Here are some steps to follow:

Prior to SBIR Phase I submission

  • Who will my competition be?  What have they done in the past?
  • Is it possible that your competition influenced the abstract you are bidding?

Prior to a SBIR Phase II submission

  • Can I complete all of the requirements by myself?
  • If not, how do I locate a good subcontractor?
  • What do I know about Transition?
  • Can I write a good Transition Plan?
  • How do I find a Program of Record for Transition?

Ready to Transition to a SBIR Phase III

  • How do I find the funding?
  • To whom should I Transition?
  • How do I get a SBIR Phase III Contract?