Transition Process

The process outline below is for a DoD-funded Phase II

The way we have accomplished Transition with several Client Companies, is to subcontract with them on their Phase II as a Transition Specialist. We work directly with the Company over the period of the contract following and updating the Transition Plan that we write for them. In addition to the Systems Command that was responsible for the SBIR Topic, our research determines what other transition paths are available. By the time the Phase II is completed, we know who is interested in supporting a Phase III.

Additionally, we help find the funding necessary to kick off a Phase III IDIQ contract. A correctly written Phase III Scope allows for a wide range of no further competition required delivery orders and an appropriately structured contract allows for all types of funding (RDT&E, Procurement, and/or O&M) from anywhere in Government.

The more difficult approach is to write a Transition Plan with just enough substance to get the Phase II awarded, complete the contract and then look for someone in or out of Government to sponsor a Phase III. This approach may work sometimes, but is much more difficult since finding discretionary funding in any Government Program is problematic (in any economy), and finding a commercial investor often requires giving part of your company away.