SBIR Process

What exactly is the SBIR Process? We would expect difference folks to have very different answers. From our perspective, the SBIR Process starts with an idea for a product line that is (or will be) in demand by the Federal Government. This idea is the basis of your SBIR Phase I feasibility proposal.

Before you ever write a SBIR Phase I proposal however, we believe you should know (generally) what the SBIR Phase II prototype will be and have a Transition Plan to a SBIR Phase III in mind.

But to begin with, you need a SBIR Phase I abstract to bid. In many cases, SBIR Sponsors are looking for a Technology Approach within a General Technology Area. This works well for the Government Program Office that wants to look at several approaches to solve a specific problem. It also works well for the Contractor who will be competing their approach with others within the Technology Area.

If an abstract of this nature is not available, the Contractor also has the option of suggesting a General Technology Area and may well be of assistance to the Government Sponsor in getting an abstract into the solicitation. In order to execute the latter approach, research must be conducted to find out who, in the Government, has a suitable requirement. Just remember that SBIR awards are competitive. Just because you helpep with an abstract does not mean you will win a contract, and I know companies fit this category.

We at the SBIR Network specialize in Transition, and can assist you with a Business Development Plan starting with the SBIR Phase I through to the SBIR Phase III.