Our Specialty is helping companies transition SBIR Technology from a Phase II to a Phase III Contract award. We also assist in placing quality Phase II proposals that have been rejected for lack of funding by the Phase I agency.

One of the most important undertakings that a small business can engage in is responding to an appropriate Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program solicitation. Although the initial stages (Phase I and Phase II SBIR awards) of the program do not provide a great deal of funding for the proposing company, Phase III SBIR contracts makes the effort well worth while.

The SBIR Network has concentrated on this element more than any other single focus. We work with companies who have a single SBIR awards or multiple Phase I and II SBIR contracts but don’t know exactly how to bridge the gap to a Phase III. Of course we also work with companies who know nothing about the SBIR program and get them into the program with their first award.

Dr. FitzHugh has been involved in this SBIR process in several of his own small business enterprises – with considerable success. He now chooses to consult to other high-technology companies that have a desire to grow. Some of the specific Phase III SBIR award successes of Dr. FitzHugh and the SBIR Network include:

Rapid Retargeting

This program stated under the name GSEM (Generic Standard Electronic Modules) with a $50K Phase I award to Mithras under the trade name Shadow. After a Phase II, award of $750K entitled Programmable Electronic Modules, the company was sold to VisiCom Laboratories… (To read more click on above link.)

CPUP (Compatible Processor Upgrade Program)

CPUP was undertaken by Dr. FitzHugh while employed as the Vice President for Research & Technology for CPU Technology, a small California-based business. It is an active project (funded through 2004) under the Naval Supply Systems Command’s Logistics Productivity R&D Program. It is executed under contract through the SEALEGS (Service-Life Extension of Avionics Legacy Equipment with Guaranteed System) Phase III SBIR with the…(To read more click on above link.)

CURE (COTS/Component Upgrade and Reverification Environment)

The CURE program, , under a SBIR Phase III contract with the Naval Air Systems Command to EDAptive Computing, Inc., automates Rosetta, a System Level Design Language that targets requirements specifications, through a tool suite called EDASTARâ„¢. Ambiguous requirements force system designers to redefine or even create design specifications that are later passed to the development team for implementation. Since these specifications differ from the original requirements, traceability is quickly lost, and the phenomenon of…(To read more click on above link.)

Multi-Spectral Sensors

These prototypes have been developed by Solid State Scientific Corporation under a Phase III Small Business Innovation Program (SBIR) contract administered by the Naval Air Systems Command. The basis of this contract was a SBIR Phase II effort sponsored by PMA-272. (To read more click on the above link.)

Voice Machine Language Translation

VoxTec International, Inc. has developed multiple machine based language translation devices with support from a variety of sources. Improvement of the technology and development of even more advanced devices are being developed under a Phase III Small Business Innovation Program (SBIR) contract administered by the Naval Air Systems Command. The basis of this award was a SBIR Phase I and II effort sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). DARPA funded The SBIR Network to assist in putting this Phase III in place. (To read more click on the above line.)